Tree Removal

Tree removal, along with land clearing, is our specialty. From smaller trees to towering ones, we safely remove them all for the homeowners, apartments, townhouses, office buildings, businesses, cemeteries, and municipalities that we serve.

When it comes to tree removal, there’s two ways of going about it:

1. Complete Removal

This involves removing the tree and grinding it’s stump. When this is chosen, the tree will be safely taken down, with the wood and brush being removed. After that, the stump will be ground, and only the grindings will remain. However, as an additional service, you can also choose to have the grindings removed and have the remaining hole filled with black dirt, to which grass seed or sod can be laid on top. After a short while it should look like a tree never existed there at all.

2. Semi-complete Removal

This involves removing the tree without grinding it’s stump. If this course of action is chosen, the tree will be safely taken down, and the wood and brush will be removed. This will leave only the stump, which can always be ground at a later date.

No matter what option you choose, it’s fine with us because we know we’ve been able to help you improve and secure your property, and the environment around you.

If having this service performed interests you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or fill out our quote form below. Thank you!