Stump Grinding

Grinding a stump, removing the debris, and re-landscaping the area has four main benefits:

1. It improves your lawn and property aesthetically and functionally.

While healthy trees are beautiful and beneficial things, when a tree is reduce to it’s base, in the eyes of many, it’s simply just an eyesore. Not only that, it often impairs the functionally of a lawn by taking up space, which ties into the second benefit…

2. It makes your lawn and property safer.

If you find yourself, your children, or others enjoying your lawn by playing or otherwise spending time on it, stumps can be dangerous. A lot of times when you’re preoccupied you can forget about things you would normally remember are present, especially if you’re a young person.

3. It makes caring for you lawn easier.

While mowing a lawn it’s nice to not have any obstacles in your way, which stumps often directly are. It’s one of those inconveniences that will nag at many.

4. It makes the environment around you safer.

One of the often overlooked benefits of removing a stump is the effect a diseased tree’s base can have on the environment around it. The base of a tree often contains the same insects or fungi that originally led to the demise of the tree, making the stump a hazard to it’s neighboring trees and environment. Rotting stumps have also been known to accumulate water, which in return they have acted as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, who are needless to say a danger to humans and animals.

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